Chapter 5. Expressing Ideas

Just for something to do, I decided to clean up some code. Here’s what happened—not all of it good!

Something to Do

I think I’ll refactor the code a bit, just for something to do. Let’s take a look. Here’s the method that handles Enter:

public void Enter() {
  int cursorLine = CursorLine();
  String[] newlines = new  String[lines.Length+2];
  for(int i = 0; i <= cursorLine; i++)  {
    newlines[i] = lines[i];
  newlines[cursorLine+1] = "";
  newlines[cursorLine+2] = "<P></P>";
  for (int i = cursorLine+1; i < lines.Length; i++) {
    newlines[i+2] = lines[i];
  lines = newlines;
  selectionStart = NewSelectionStart(cursorLine + 2);

Here are some of the ideas that went into this code:

  • Handle the Enter key.

  • Change the lines table to include a ...

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