Chapter 23. Planning Interlude

Like every product, this one has a deadline. We need to look at all the things we might do and decide which ones we will do. Here’s how we do it.

How Do We Plan to Meet a Deadline

According to Extreme Programming, here’s how we should plan all projects for the best results by the deadline:

  1. Break down what has to be done into small chunks.

  2. Estimate each chunk in terms of value to the project and time needed to do the chunk.

  3. Choose chunks to do based on their estimated value and time.

  4. Do some chunks.

  5. Measure velocity of doing (chunks per unit time).

  6. Use velocity to predict how much can really be done by the desired date.

  7. Use experience to refine relative precision of estimates.

  8. Rinse, repeat.

Managers and customers often resort ...

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