6.2. Everybody Should Win

The second philosophical value that serves as an integrative force within Toyota is the notion that everyone should win. As a guiding principle, it moves everyone forward together. For Kiichiro Toyoda, the word everyone included society at large, and this is central to the mission of the auto company he founded, which is, "To contribute to society through the manufacturing of automobiles." Everyone also included the entire automobile industry. When Toyota opened its first automobile factory in Koromo-cho[] on November 3, 1938, Kiichiro pledged to build a great automobile industry with these words:

We must discard our narrow self-interests and endeavor to serve the greater good. Neglect your duties and you'll bring ruin upon yourselves; fulfill your responsibilities and you'll find yourselves enhanced. If each person makes the most sincere effort in his assigned position, the entire company can achieve great things. []

Everyone also included countries other than Japan. In 1988, when Toyota opened its U.S. automobile manufacturing plant in Kentucky, Kiichiro's son Shoichiro Toyoda, now honorary Chairman, echoed his father's commitment:

Here at the start of this new venture, I am confident that Toyota Motor Manufacturing will certainly live up to your expectations. We are aware of what being a good corporate citizen means and [we] are determined to press forward toward a bright future, hand in hand, with the people of America. []

The year 1988 was a ...

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