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Chapter 6. DB2 SQL/XML programming
In this chapter, we provide a wide range of DB2 programming examples for pureXML. Over
recent years, the amount of programming that is deployed inside DB2 has been growing with
the adoption of facilities such as stored procedures, user defined functions, triggers, and
WebSphere MQ integration.
The adoption of pureXML is likely to increase this trend. The ease of handling XML
documents in native SQL procedures, compared to external language environments, such as
COBOL, means that development productivity can be enhanced by encapsulating XML logic
within DB2 procedures and functions, so that external programs have to handle only
traditional SQL-based functions.
This chapter contains the following topics:
Native SQL stored procedures and XML
Receiving XML messages from MQ
Audit queries (against logged XML messages)
SQL/XML query techniques
User-defined functions with XML
Triggers with XML
XML joins
XML with change data capture tools

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