118 
In Lesson 1, you saw me holding a diffuser for my
friend Jack during a portrait session in Mongolia.
You also saw the dramatic results that using a dif-
fuser offers.
To reinforce the importance of never leaving
home without this accessory, I’ll share some more
illustrations. The two pictures on this page were
taken in Marrow Bone Springs, Texas. To soften
the harsh light of the midday sun, I had an assis-
tant hold a diffuser between the sun and the sub-
ject. The result was soft and flattering lighting.
The photo on the right shows what could happen
if you dont follow my suggestion … and you leave
your diffuser home, again on a sunny day.
Like reflectors, diffusers are collapsible and come
in different sizes, from small (3 feet in diameter)
to large (6 to 8 feet in diameter). And as I men-
tioned in the previous lesson, they often come in
kits with reflectors.
 119
If you are out shooting on a sunny day and don’t
have a diffuser, or if you don’t want to look too
professional” (which can be intimidating to a
subject), you can use a natural diffuser: posi-
tion your subject or subjects in the shade, as I
did with this mother and child whom I photo-
graphed in Bhutan.
120 
On an overcast day, you don’t need a diffuser, as
was the case when I photographed this musician
performing at a festival in Bhutan.

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