224 
I like infrared photography. To simulate the IR ef-
fect, I went to FilterDistortDiffuse Glow and
played around with the sliders until I was pleased
with the pseudo-IR effect. When you use this fil-
ter, don’t settle for your first choice of settings.
Experiment. Take control of this fun filter. Also,
make sure your Background Color is white.
One of the fun and creative things we can do in
Photoshop is to turn a snapshot into a more artistic
image. Thats what I did with this color photograph
that I took of my friend, Andrea Laborde. She was
relaxing in an old Bentley during a break in a work-
shop I was teaching in Salem, Massachusetts.
The first step in the snapshot-to-artistic-image
process was to convert the color file to a black-
and-white image. To do that, I used the Black and
White adjustment I described in Lesson 39.
 225
The above image is an example of how the Diffuse
Glow filter altered my image.
226 
To dress up my newly created image, I applied
one of the Camera frames in PhotoFrame Pro 3, a
Photoshop plug-in from onOne Software (http://
www.ononesoftware.com). This screen grab shows
just a few of the options—Frames, Background,
and Border—that are available in this creative
 227
Once the digital frame was applied, my image
took on a more creative look.

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