Index 281
backlight, 146
guidelines, 173–176
natural light, 139
profiles, 134
skin softening, 247–250
Smart Filters, 250
Smart Filters Layer Mask, 250
smiles, brightening, 243–246
softboxes, 179
Spot Healing Brush, 248
spot meters
exposure, 126
profiles, 134
stage shows, 203
stage shows, 199–205
stop action shots, 110, 112
strobe lights, 184, 189
Stroboframe flash bracket, 179
strong colors, 68
swatches, 253
swivel head flash units, 178–179
teeth, brightening, 246
telephoto lenses
festivals, 155
sense of depth, 165
stage shows, 200
three-light technique, 190–191
three-quarter shots, 38–39, 268–269
tilting cameras, 130–132
Tint setting, 213
action shots, 110
garage glamour, 124
hot lights, 189
night photography, 136
stage shows, 200
Tv (shutter priority) mode, 154
UltraBounce, 178
upsizing images, 94
vertical pictures, 49–50
Vignette setting, 218
white balance settings, 5
wide-angle zooms
festivals, 155
mirrors, 197
sense of depth, 162, 164–165
stage shows, 200
wide apertures
background blurring, 163
depth of field, 234
festivals, 156
wrinkles, 248–249
zoom lenses, 22–23
depth of field, 100
festivals, 155
mirrors, 197
stage shows, 200
Zoom tool, 231, 246
I could not end this book without acknowledging
how very lucky I have been to travel around the
world and to meet the photogenic subjects on the
preceding pages.
Unfortunately, some of our fellow human beings
are not born as photogenic.
Thats where The Smile Train, the worlds leading
cleft charity, comes in. Through a simple opera-
tion, a childs appearance can be magically trans-
formed, bringing a smile to her face and to all of
those around her.
To see how you can help to bring a smile to a
childs face, please check out The Smile Train at Thanks!

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