Chapter 1. Profiting from the Facebook Revolution

In This Chapter

  • Discovering what Facebook advertising offers

  • Seeing the similarities between Facebook and other advertising

  • Identifying the unique functions of Facebook advertising

  • Understanding the direct and relationship marketing aspects of Facebook Ads

The old adage in real estate is that the three most important qualities of a property are "Location, location, location." Many say the same thing about advertising as we watch ads pop up (and under) all over the place. You can't watch a NASCAR race, drive along the road, read a magazine, or listen to the radio without hearing, seeing, or experiencing a message from an advertiser. Naturally, advertisers want to be where people are, and incorporate their products and messages into everyday life, from the bus stop bench to the clock on your doctor's office wall. As the World Wide Web has evolved, and more and more people incorporate the Internet into their daily lives, advertising naturally followed them online. And the Web has never been the same.

Online advertising has experienced a phenomenal growth, from the early days of text-only ads to the online streaming videos and media-rich ads that we can see today. In that time, advertising has taken on different forms (banner ads, pop-up ads, pop-under ads, everything but the Pop-Tarts ad) and different ways of charging the advertiser. One of the main functions of advertising, though, has been that ads allowed popular content to stay free ...

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