Chapter 4. Buying Strategies

In This Chapter

  • Deciding which ad payment method to use

  • Figuring out the amount to spend per advertisement

  • Keeping track of your ad campaign spending

  • When and how to make changes to your campaign

  • Stopping an ad campaign temporarily or permanently

Wouldn't you love to win the lottery, then walk into your favorite department store with a personal bodyguard (who carries your money for you), pick out everything on the racks that appealed to you, then head to the clerk with your piles and piles of stuff, and say, "Ring me up"? Unfortunately, we don't have unlimited budgets for whatever we want, so keeping track of your spending is an important aspect of most business dealings, and online advertising is no different. Thankfully, you can track your ad spending down to the penny (and yes, we literally mean to the penny), so you can make every ad dollar spent really count.

Of course, keeping track of your spending is only part of the battle. Other decisions to keep in mind are how much you spend per unit, whether you're spending too little or too much per unit, and how to time when to change your limits. And there are a number of strategies to keep in mind. The most important aspect to an online ad campaign is this: Your decision making is not over when the campaign launches, but rather an ongoing matter that needs to be studied and adjusted when necessary.

In this chapter, we review some of the buying strategies you need to consider when creating, running, and maintaining ...

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