Chapter 6. Getting Set to Implement and Measure Results

In This Chapter

  • Testing your Facebook Ads before a big launch

  • Using Facebook Ad Sales representatives to plan your campaign

  • Deciding on performance goals and targets for your ads

  • Finding other ways to promote yourself on Facebook

  • Expanding the reach of your Facebook Ads with other marketing initiatives

Just like any other aspect of something you create for your business, you need a period of evaluation and analysis to make sure that this new effort is something that brings a positive effect to your business while justifying the cost or expense. Facebook Ads are no different: The best and most successful campaigns come from a careful monitoring and adjustment as the campaign goes on. Furthermore, the best Facebook Ad campaigns are those that co-exist within a business' larger marketing campaign — and, on occasion, help augment or feed off non–Facebook marketing efforts for your business.

In this chapter, we look at some of the final planning steps you should take before running your main ad campaigns, and then look at those planning efforts to do now to help you while you manage and update your ad campaigns. We also discuss alternatives to using the Facebook "self-service" ad system: namely, the Facebook Ads Sales team and other creative advertising options within Facebook.

Allocating Resources to Create and Monitor the Campaign

When it's time to start running your campaigns, you might need some collaboration or assistance from different ...

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