Chapter 15. Ten Nontraditional Facebook Ad Campaigns

In This Chapter

  • Paging a party of one

  • Showing off contest entries' creativity

  • I want to work for you!

  • Can you solve the riddle?

  • Bring the community to the mountain

  • Wanted: A few young minds

  • Are you a Tough Mudder?

  • Build a better book group

  • No purchase is too large

  • Be your own brand

When you look at the various advertisers using Facebook, you see a lot of traditional campaigns, as companies try to promote their products for sale, or offer services ranging from dating sites to social media tools. Some businesses are trying to grow their Facebook Page Fan count, whereas others are simply promoting hot Facebook applications, new movies or TV shows, or fun online games.

Still, a growing number of campaigns don't fit the regular mold of a traditional online advertisement. People and companies are coming up with new and interesting ways, concepts, and strategies to achieve their goals. We thought it could be interesting and educational to take a look at ten such campaigns. Who knows? Some of these ideas could become part of your next campaign.

Paging a Party of One

Facebook's targeting filters allow you to reach out to your desired target demographic with a great degree of control. Given the immense pool of hundreds of millions of Facebook users, though, what if your specific target demographic were exactly one person? Say you're trying to reach a specific decision maker at a certain company. Facebook Ads can indeed deliver you a targeted audience ...

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