Chapter 16. Ten Resources for Facebook Advertisers

In This Chapter

  • All Facebook is all about Facebook

  • Go Inside Facebook

  • Turn about face with AboutFaceDigital

  • Hear the Buzz (Marketing for Technology)

  • It's the Age of Advertising

  • Live in the now with Social Media Today

  • Take stock of iStockphoto

  • Get the source with Facebook's own blog

  • Collaborate with the developers on their document site

  • Read about Facebook Ads' own Facebook Page

As you use Facebook to build and run advertisements, and maintain your own Facebook presence for your business or brand as part of your advertising structure, you can also take advantage of a wealth of information and resources to help you in your endeavors. In this chapter, we showcase ten online resources that we think are beneficial to keep track of as you pursue Facebook advertising. Good luck!

All Facebook Is All about Facebook

As Facebook continues to expand and change, it's important to stay informed of how Facebook relates to their users and what social media professionals are doing to best use the Facebook site and platform. Therefore, you want to stay current on any issues that could affect you as an advertiser and Facebook Page owner. As you read about different announcements and see how different people are using Facebook, you'll probably get ideas for ways to use Facebook more effectively for your situation, with or without advertising.

In 2007, Nick O'Neill started a blog called All Facebook (, dedicated to covering the Facebook platform. ...

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