Chapter 4

Sharing Videos

In This Chapter

arrow Using video to encourage sharing

arrow Uploading video to Facebook

arrow Using apps to share your other video channels on Facebook

arrow Making the most of your video efforts

People on Facebook love video links! After all, the primary goals of Facebook are to connect with people and to share. Video is interesting and easily shared. Also, when you deal with people online primarily through text, sharing a bit of yourself through video allows you to connect with your friends or followers in a more personal way.

Facebook makes it easy for friends and followers to view video: They just click the video and watch it in their news feed. They don’t have to view a slideshow (as with images), and they don’t leave Facebook (as with clicking a link). Video allows you to interact with your friends and followers on their terms, without asking them to leave their Facebook news feed. When you make Facebook interaction easy for your friends and followers, Facebook rewards you by showing your updates in their news feeds more often. (Facebook uses something called the News Feed ...

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