Chapter 2

Running a Social Marketing Campaign

In This Chapter

arrow Implementing Facebook campaigns

arrow Marketing a campaign

arrow Crowdsourcing to promote your contest

arrow Building your business page for the campaign

arrow Understanding Facebook's promotion rules

When starting your Facebook marketing, you’ll probably find out how to build your audience, make connections with your audience, and nurture those connections so that they become loyal friends and followers.

After you've built a foundation with your business page audience, you likely need to give it a boost to get things to a higher level. A little shaking of the trees is required to let people know that it’s worth connecting with your company on Facebook. Social marketing campaigns are a great way to do this. A social campaign enables you to reach people who you will not likely capture the attention of through daily interaction.

Campaigns tap into crowdsourcing, or using the resources that the public (the crowd) can provide to accomplish more than ...

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