Chapter 1

Custom Apps for Business Pages

In This Chapter

arrow Using apps for Facebook marketing

arrow Extending the Facebook experience

arrow Discovering iframes, application pages, and canvas pages

arrow Finding out what apps can do to increase engagement

If you’re a Facebook marketer, you’re likely always looking for ways to increase the engagement that you have with your customers. For many Facebook users, interesting status updates aren’t enough to hold their attention. Facebook apps allow you to create a far more engaging Facebook presence. You’re not just looking for more people to visit your business page and Like it; you also want to give followers more of a reason to interact with your brand or find other value.

In addition, a typical Facebook user does not want to leave Facebook to view content surrounding your brand. Because of this, having content outside Facebook can lead to fewer conversions and sales from your customers. Having an app right on your business page inside Facebook reduces your chances of Facebook users leaving your site and you losing the sale. This also provides a great landing ...

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