Chapter 13

Sharing (and Grabbing) Posts, Photos, and Videos

Get ready to …

arrow Give Credit When You Share

arrow Make Your Links Short

arrow Share Your Photos with Instagram

arrow Find and Share Videos on YouTube

arrow Pin Your Favorites

One of the most fun ways to share online, in both Twitter and Facebook, is to share your favorite music and images. We’ve talked about sharing your own photos on Facebook, but how about treating your online friends to some of the unique items you run across elsewhere on the web? You could share a news story, a song, or a funny video — pretty much any cool thing you find!

I’ve spent many evenings online with friends, pointing from a picture to a video to a story. It’s the 21st-century version of a coffee klatch; it’s also like sharing a bottle of wine with friends (only you get to drink the entire bottle if you wish).

In this chapter, I give you some advice for mannerly and efficient sharing, go over some great places to find material to share, and tell you how to easily transport ...

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