Facebook Application Development Learn by Video

Video description

Facebook is the world's largest social network, with over 750 million users, who install 20 million applications every day. If you want to interact with a large audience, Facebook is the place to be, and applications are one of the most engaging ways to interact with that audience. This workshop focuses on creating Facebook applications using HTML, JavaScript, PHP, and Flash. The workshop starts with basic applications and progresses to more complex ones, culminating in a look at how Flash can be used to create interactive Facebook games, with no previous knowledge of Flash needed. Experienced instructor Robert Turrall presents up to 4 hours of high-quality HD video that is wrapped in a unique interface that allows the viewer to jump to any topic at any time. Project files used in the lessons are included with the video so viewers can practice what they've learned.

Table of contents

  1. Introduction to the Facebook Platform for Developers
    1. The Facebook Platform for Developers 00:07:06
    2. The Facebook Graph API 00:08:39
    3. The JavaScript and PHP SDKs 00:04:45
  2. Your First Facebook Application
    1. Facebook Application Basics 00:12:08
    2. Basic Setup with the PHP SDK 00:12:17
    3. Basic Setup with the JavaScript SDK 00:09:40
    4. Extended Permissions 00:02:25
    5. Requesting Permissions with the PHP SDK 00:05:27
    6. Requesting Permissions with the JavaScript SDK 00:04:01
    7. Working with Access Tokens (PHP) 00:02:36
    8. Working with Access Tokens (JavaScript) 00:06:23
    9. Dealing with Expired Sessions 00:04:49
  3. Storing Facebook User Data
    1. Storing Facebook User Data 00:03:54
    2. Saving User Data with the PHP SDK and MySQL: A Simple App 00:05:34
    3. Creating a Smoother User Experience with Ajax 00:05:29
  4. Photos and Videos
    1. Retrieving and Uploading Photos and Video 00:02:57
    2. Retrieving Photos and Videos in Which the User Is Tagged 00:03:50
    3. Retrieving a User's Albums and Photos with the JavaScript SDK 00:05:40
    4. Retrieving a User's Albums and Photos with the PHP SDK 00:05:38
    5. Uploading Photos and Videos with the PHP SDK: Forms 00:04:28
    6. Uploading Photos and videos with the PHP SDK: API POSTs 00:08:56
  5. Publishing to a User's Wall
    1. Wall Posts 00:03:56
    2. Posting to the Wall with the JavaScript SDK: Dialog Boxes 00:03:27
    3. Posting to the Wall with the JavaScript SDK: Graph API 00:03:58
    4. Posting to the Wall with the PHP SDK 00:03:32
    5. Comments and Likes 00:01:38
  6. Invites and Requests
    1. Invites and Requests 00:05:18
    2. Sending Requests with the JavaScript SDK 00:03:56
    3. Processing Requests with the PHP SDK 00:06:15
  7. Places and Check-Ins
    1. Places and Check-Ins 00:02:09
    2. Retrieving a User's Check-Ins with the JavaScript SDK 00:03:18
    3. Retrieving a User's Check-Ins with the PHP SDK 00:03:35
  8. Integrating Applications into Pages
    1. Facebook Pages 00:05:08
    2. Adding a Simple Page App with the JavaScript SDK 00:03:09
    3. Adding a Simple Page App with the PHP SDK 00:04:59
  9. Connecting Websites
    1. Connecting Websites 00:03:19
    2. Adding a Login Button to Your Website 00:04:22
    3. Using the Registration Plugin on Your Website 00:05:02
  10. Social Plugins
    1. Why Use Social Plugins? 00:06:39
    2. Adding Open Graph Protocol Tags to Your Website 00:02:35
    3. Adding the Like and Send Buttons to Your Site 00:03:25
    4. Getting Feedback with the Comments Plugin 00:04:39
  11. Using Test Users
    1. Test Users 00:01:32
    2. Creating and Using Test Users in Your Applications 00:03:54
  12. Flash and Facebook Applications
    1. Flash and Facebook 00:02:04
    2. Simple Embedding 00:01:32
    3. Passing User Details into Flash 00:04:54
    4. Two-Way Communication Using the External Interface 00:09:22

Product information

  • Title: Facebook Application Development Learn by Video
  • Author(s):
  • Release date: November 2011
  • Publisher(s): Pearson
  • ISBN: 0132876205