Chapter 10. Marketing Your App

You’ve released the world’s greatest Facebook application, and all 500 of your closest friends have it installed. Your install base is slowly climbing, and your daily active stat looks good so far. Great riches await you, if you can just figure out how to get from here to there. Now what?

Marketing Facebook apps is no different from marketing any other kind of web app, widget, doohickey, or thingamabob. Some people have a natural flair for this kind of thing, while others have a natural flair for writing programming language compilers. It’s unlikely that you’re the kind of person with an instinct for both, so if you’re in the latter camp and are serious about the success of your app, you might want to find someone in the former to help you out.

The bad news: there’s no magic bullet or panacea that will instantly turn your app into a Top 10 and bring dump trucks filled with money to your doorstep. The good news: if you work as hard at promoting your app as you did at designing and building it, you can be very successful and earn a really good living doing this. This chapter looks at a few different avenues you have available for marketing your app, as well as a few techniques you can use to assess where you’re at and decide how to move forward.

Attracting Users Through Facebook Ads

Alain Chesnais (see his bio in Contributors)


I launched my app a month ago, but I still only have a handful of users!


You need to promote your app to make your ...

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