Chapter 3. Finding Your Way Around Facebook

In This Chapter

  • Navigating Facebook

  • Looking around after logging in

  • Reading about friends on Home

  • Finding out about what's new, now, and next in the right column

Imagine a universe at which you are the center. The one thing that every person and piece of information have in common is you. Cool, huh? This is how you can think of the page you see each time you log in to Facebook. The Facebook Home page is entirely oriented toward you and your friends. The main column tells you everything all your friends have been up to recently. In the right column, you'll find key pieces of information, like what events you have coming up, people you may know with whom you have not yet connected, and some of the most interesting content your friends have been adding. Even the ads in the right column are targeted specifically to you and your interests. Navigation bars line the top and bottom of this page and every other page on the site. These ensure that you can always find your way back to a page you recognize, no matter where you end up. In this chapter, we explain everything you see when you log in, and how to use this page to get around the rest of the site.

Checking Out the Blue Bar on Top

Leah and Carolyn both happen to spend a lot of time in coffee shops working alongside writers, students, business people, and hobbyists — all drinking steamy beverages and manning laptops. We can always tell at a glance when someone is browsing Facebook by the big blue ...

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