Chapter 8. Filling Facebook with Photos, Videos, and Notes

In this chapter

  • Uploading, editing, and tagging your photos, videos, and notes

  • Understanding and using privacy for these applications

  • Keeping track of what you create and what is created about you

Facebook offers you tons of cool things to do: Add photos and videos, write notes and messages ... the possibilities are truly endless. In this chapter, we get into the basics of almost all of these things so that you can share more with your friends. Your Profile will be the envy of the world because it will tell a complete, interactive story about your life.

Facebook likes to break what it is into two pieces, the core and the applications. Facebook's core elements (collectively, the platform) are things like your Profile, your friends, and your messages; you access these elements through the blue bar on top. Without your friendship connections, your Facebook Profile is kind of just another Web page floating all alone in the void of the Internet. Without your Profile, your connections are merely a tangle of strings, without the ability to understand who is connected to whom. Without the ability to communicate along these strings connecting these Profiles, well, you're still going to feel a bit alone.

Applications are features built on top of Facebook's core. They take advantage of the core features to allow for greater information-sharing, and for sharing different types of information. In other words, after you set up your Friend List ...

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