Chapter 9. Keeping Up with Your Friends

In This Chapter

  • Messaging your friends

  • Discovering how to share interesting content from the Web

  • Increasing communication with open (Facebook) relationships

  • Keeping in touch without even trying

The art of communication is defined by subtlety and finesse. Some people coordinate plans over text messages; others use phones. Some lovers write their letters on paper; others use e-mail. Gossip may happen over instant messages or in low whispers. Friends may catch up over coffee, others over beer, and still others over a Webcam. People often get fired in person yet are hired over the phone. A hug may mean, "I love you" in one context, but "I missed you" in another. How humans communicate in any given situation has everything to do with the specific message, context, personalities, and relationships.

Because Facebook is all about connecting people, enabling everyone to communicate with one another in whatever complicated and precise way they want is a top priority. This chapter explains the modes of communication on Facebook, including private conversations in the Inbox, public back-and-forth on the Profile Wall, Pokes, Shares, Comments, and more.

No matter how you use Facebook to reach out to people, you can be confident that they're notified that you're trying to reach them. Whether they sign in to Facebook often — or not at all, but they check their e-mail — all communications through Facebook generate a notification delivered to the recipients e-mail ...

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