Chapter 12. Creating a Page for Your Business

In This Chapter

  • Determining whether a Facebook Page is appropriate for your business

  • Creating and maintaining a Facebook Page

  • Attracting loyal customers and fans

  • Tracking how your promotional efforts affect your business in real time

Picture your town or city. Besides the occasional park or school, it's primarily made of buildings in which people live (like houses) and buildings in which people buy things (like stores). The world we live in is mostly composed of people and stuff that people need or want. People have real connections to all this stuff: the shops, the brands, the bands, the stars, and the restaurants and bars — everything that's important. These businesses have a significant stake in attracting and connecting with their fans, many of whom are on Facebook. Facebook is all about people and their real-world connections; the social map wouldn't be complete without these types of relationships.

Facebook offers a way for businesses to have a presence that's similar to (yet different from) the one users have. Any legitimate business, band, or public figure can set up a Facebook Page, which looks and behaves much like a user's Profile. Managers of a business can customize a Facebook Page to represent the business, informing and attracting customers. One primary difference between a business Page and a user's Profile is the default means of interaction, which reflects and accommodates the different type of connection that people have ...

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