Chapter 14. Facebook on the Go

In This Chapter

  • Capturing and sharing the moment with Facebook Mobile Uploads

  • Keeping yourself connected with Facebook Mobile notifications and texts

  • Staying up to date with Facebook Mobile Web

  • Discovering special versions of Facebook designed to work on your phone

Throughout this book, we show you how Facebook enriches relationships and facilitates human interaction. Nevertheless, what can Facebook do to enrich your relationships while you're not sitting in front of a computer? Life is full of beach weekends, road trips, city evenings, movie nights, dinner parties, and so on. During these times, as long as you have a mobile phone, Facebook still provides you a ton of value.

We don't propose that you ignore a group of people you're actively spending time with to play with Facebook on the phone (unless of course you want to ignore them). Moreover, we don't think you should tune out in class or in a meeting to Poke your friends. We do suggest that knowing the ins and outs of Facebook Mobile actually enriches each particular experience you have — while you're having it. With Facebook Mobile, you can show off your kids' new photos to your friends, or broadcast where you're having drinks, in case any of your friends are in the neighborhood and want to drop by.

Facebook Mobile serves another function — making your life easier. Sometimes you need something, say, a phone number, an address, or the start time of an Event. Maybe you're heading out to have dinner with ...

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