Chapter 19. Ten True Facebook Tales

In This Chapter

  • Fighting for Darfur

  • Facing autism

  • Saying a social "sorry"

We've hopefully impressed upon you all of the awesome ways Facebook can impact your life and how you communicate and share with your friends, but you may still think we're pretty far from the truth. However, truth is indeed stranger than fiction, and trust us, there are endless possibilities for what Facebook might wind up meaning to you. If you're still skeptical, take the following true tales as our proof, though by all means imagine us with flashlights below our chins as we tell them.

If you're looking for more stories like these, pay attention to your local news or even national news. More and more, Facebook gets referenced as a source, a cause, or the news itself. Also, poll your friends: chances are many of them have their own true tales about finding a long-lost friend, reconnecting with an estranged family member, or improving a strained relationship through Facebook.

I'm Kelly — I'm Kelly, Too

According to ABC News (, Florida resident Kelly Hilderbrandt (woman) was curious who else in the world shared her exact same name. She went on to Facebook and searched for it. She found exactly one match: Kelly Hilderbrandt (man), living in Texas at the time.

According to she-Kelly, he-Kelly's profile picture was rather attractive, so she sent him a message, and they began a long-distance friendship. Eventually, they decided to meet in person, and their long-distance ...

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