Table of Contents


About Facebook For Dummies

Foolish Assumptions

Icons Used in This Book

Where to Go from Here

Part I: Getting Started with Facebook

Chapter 1: The Many Faces of Facebook

So . . . What Is Facebook, Exactly?

Discovering What You Can Do on Facebook

Establish a Timeline

Connect with friends

Communicate with Facebook friends

Share your thoughts

Share your pictures

Plan Events, join Groups

Facebook and the web

Promote a cause or business

Keeping in Mind What You Can't Do on Facebook

You can't lie

You can't be twelve

You can't troll or spam

You can't upload illegal content

Realizing How Facebook Is Different from Other Social Sites

How You Can Use Facebook

Getting information

Keeping up with long-distance friends

Moving to a new city

Getting a job


Organizing movements

Chapter 2: Adding Your Own Face to Facebook

Signing Up for Facebook

Getting Started

Step 1: Find Your Friends

Step 2: Profile Information

Step 3: Profile Picture

Your New Home Page

Trust Me: Getting Confirmed and Verified



Chapter 3: Finding Your Way Around Facebook

Checking Out the Blue Bar on Top

The Left Sidebar

The favorites section

The Friends section

Viewing News Feed

Graph Search

Exploring the Lowest Links: The Footer

Chapter 4: Timeline: The Story of You

Scrolling Through Time

First Impressions

Add a profile picture that's already on Facebook

Add a profile picture from your hard drive

Take a photo of yourself using your webcam

Telling Your Story

Posts ...

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