Chapter 2: Facebook Apps 101

In This Chapter

check.png Defining Facebook apps

check.png Adding, rearranging, and deleting apps

check.png Customizing the app photo and title

check.png Exploring the Facebook App dashboard

You may have seen customized tabs or apps on some Facebook business Pages. The apps appear below the Cover photo of a Page and can have a wide range of functions. You can use apps to showcase your other social sites, have a storefront, give a coupon, run a contest, and much more! Apps can also help contribute to the branding of your company and make your Facebook Page come alive.

The term Facebook apps encompasses a wide range of products. When someone refers to a Facebook app, he can mean everything from Facebook games like FarmVille to Facebook Events and highly customized apps that can be mini websites within your Facebook Page.

In this chapter, you learn about the apps — sometimes referred to as tabs — that can appear on your Facebook Page. (We use the terms apps and tabs interchangeably in this chapter.) You discover the basics about how to install apps and how to move them so that they’re featured ...

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