Chapter 3: Better Engagement with the Help of Facebook Like Links and Buttons

In This Chapter

check.png Understanding the Facebook Like link and button

check.png Seeing the implications of using the Like button code outside Facebook

check.png Discovering how to create a simple Like button code for your website

This chapter explains both the Like link and the Like button and how to use them to engage your audience on Facebook and outside the Facebook environment. A fuller discussion of the enormous implication of using this Facebook integration tool occurs in Book VII, Chapter 2.

The Button versus the Link

You will see the Like interface on Facebook itself in two ways. One way is as a link, which appears at the bottom of posts on Facebook. See Figure 3-1 for an example of a simple link on a Facebook post. The other way is as a button, as shown in Figure 3-2; buttons appear at the top of a Facebook Page.

Figure 3-1: The Like link.


Figure 3-2: The Like button.


By now, if you’ve spent any time on Facebook ...

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