Chapter 2: Marketing with Facebook Social Plug-ins

In This Chapter

check.png Exploring social plug-ins

check.png Integrating Facebook with your website

check.png Finding the right plug-ins to fit your business goals

check.png Using social plug-ins as part of a marketing program

At one time, users searched the web independently of their peers. Today, users look at what their networks of friends are doing, and they take their friends’ activities and recommendations very seriously. Social plug-ins allow you to take advantage of this new way of surveying information.

In this chapter, we cover the basics of social plug-ins: what they are, why they’re important, and how you can use them to expand your online presence. When it comes to social plug-ins, you have numerous options. Therefore, we dedicate a separate section to each Facebook social plug-in, as well as offer suggestions for open-source Facebook-friendly plug-ins. Open-source plug-ins are developed outside the Facebook platform, but they integrate seamlessly with Facebook and your website. (We get more into open source later in the chapter.) Overall, this chapter can ...

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