Chapter 2

Building Excitement with a Contest

In This Chapter

arrow Choosing a type of contest

arrow Outlining the details of your contest

arrow Setting targets for success

People love when a Facebook Page lets them know about special offers and promotions. For that reason, we recommend running a contest on your Facebook Page. A contest also gives people a reason to connect with you, makes your Page more fun, and attracts more people to your brand and your site.

So what will your contest look like? You have a lot of options to consider when setting up your contest. In this chapter, we explore how to design your contest, set your targets, and make sure that you’re riding on the right side of Facebook law.

remember.eps Later in the chapter, we clarify the differences between contests and sweepstakes. In a nutshell, a true contest has some type of vote to choose the winner (or you choose the winner through judging), and a sweepstakes has the winner chosen at random. Throughout this and the next two chapters, we use the term contest more collectively to refer to both contests and sweepstakes. To muddy the waters, ...

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