Chapter 2

Creating a Facebook Ad

In This Chapter

arrow Using the Ads Create tool

arrow Setting your advertising parameters

arrow Creating a successful ad

arrow Getting your campaign up and running

This chapter is all about the mechanics of Facebook’s Ads Create tool. You learn how to establish your marketing objectives, set up a campaign, write and schedule a good ad, designate your bids, and target your audience, all using this tool.

In the first chapter of this minibook, we talk about strategy and tactics; in the last chapter of this minibook, we talk about measurement using Facebook’s companion tool, the Ads Manager. If you’re ready to delve into the details of what happens in between, this is the chapter for you.

The advertising process requires the use of two tools: the Ads Create tool (to develop your ads) and the Ads Manager tool (to save, store, and review the results of your efforts).

tip.eps The Facebook Ads help section ( is one of the most complete areas within ...

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