Facebook® Marketing For Dummies®, 3rd Edition

Book description

Create a successful marketing campaign on Facebook with this updated guide

With more than 600 million active users and more than 30 billion pieces of content shared each month, Facebook is an exciting platform with infinite marketing possibilities. This how-to guide breaks it all down for you and shows you ways to reach your customers with effective marketing strategies, tactics, and techniques on Facebook. Packed with new and updated content as well as real-world case studies that provide you with helpful frames of reference, Facebook Marketing For Dummies, 3rd Edition is an essential starting point for developing a successful marketing campaign on Facebook.

  • Boasts new and updated content for developing a successful Facebook marketing campaign

  • Addresses ways to use tools such as events, contests, and polls to promote your page

  • Helps you understand the psychology of the Facebook user

  • Explains how to integrate your Facebook marketing campaign with your other marketing campaigns using plug-ins and widgets

  • Details ways to monitor, measure, and adjust your Facebook marketing campaigns

Learn how to reach the Facebook audience you want for your campaign with Facebook Marketing For Dummies, 3rd Edition!

Table of contents

  1. Cover
  2. Title Page
  3. Table of Contents
  4. Introduction
  5. Part I: Preparing for Success on Facebook
    1. Chapter 1: Marketing in the Age of Facebook
      1. What Is Facebook and Why Is It So Popular?
      2. Understanding the Marketing Potential of Facebook
      3. Understanding Why Your Business Needs a Facebook Page
    2. Chapter 2: Researching and Understanding Your Target Audience
      1. Defining Your Target Audience
      2. Researching Target Audiences with Facebook’s Ad Tool
    3. Chapter 3: Developing a Facebook Marketing Plan
      1. Understanding What to Include in Your Marketing Plan
      2. Developing Your Value Proposition: Why Should Customers Buy What You’re Offering?
      3. Understanding Your Audience
      4. Defining Your Marketing Goals
      5. Developing Your Content Strategy
      6. Monitoring and Reporting Page Activity
      7. Integrating Your Online and Offline Campaigns
  6. Part II: Building Your Facebook Presence
    1. Chapter 4: Getting Started with a Facebook Page
      1. Understanding the Differences between Pages, Profiles, and Groups
      2. Creating a Facebook Page from Scratch
      3. Providing Information about Your Business with the Info Tab
      4. Getting the Most from Facebook Marketing Resources
      5. Understanding Facebook’s Terms and Conditions
    2. Chapter 5: Getting Noticed on Facebook with a Content Strategy
      1. Understanding How Content Marketing Works on Facebook
      2. Defining Your Posting Goals
      3. Getting Fans Engaged
    3. Chapter 6: Enhancing Your Facebook Page with Applications
      1. Understanding Facebook Applications
      2. Yeah, There’s an App for That — but Where?
      3. Using Third-party Custom Facebook Page Tab Services
      4. Choosing E-Commerce Applications for Your Page
      5. Granting Access to Applications
      6. Configuring Application Tabs on Your Facebook Page
      7. Creating Custom Facebook Tabs with HTML
  7. Part III: Engaging with Your Customers and Prospects on Facebook
    1. Chapter 7: Going Public with Your Facebook Page
      1. Mapping a Launch Strategy for Your Facebook Page
      2. Creating Enchantment on Your Facebook Page
      3. Making Sure Your Page Is Ready
      4. Adding Content to Your Page before Launch
      5. Making Your Page Easier to Find
      6. Using Friend Networks to Launch Your Page
      7. Using Existing Marketing Assets to Launch Your Page
      8. Promoting Your Page in Your Store
      9. Using Facebook’s Sponsored Story Ads to Launch Your Page
    2. Chapter 8: Engaging with Your Fans
      1. Understanding What Engagement Really Means
      2. Posting New Updates to Your Page
      3. Posting as a Page versus Posting as a Profile
      4. Becoming a Ninja with Status Updates
      5. Responding to Comments and Likes
      6. Using Photos and Videos to Engage Fans
      7. Using Webinars to Build Your Fan Base
      8. Engaging with Your Fans with Your Mobile Phone
      9. Using the Facebook Subscribe Button on Your Profile
    3. Chapter 9: Measuring Success with Facebook Insights
      1. Getting Analytical with Facebook Insights
      2. Using Facebook Insights
      3. Exploring Facebook Page Insights
      4. Understanding the Dashboard Report
      5. Understanding the Page Posts report
      6. Understanding the Likes Report
      7. Understanding the Reach Report
      8. Understanding the Talking About This Report
      9. Understanding the Check Ins Report
      10. Exporting Data from Facebook Insights
      11. Viewing Weekly Page Updates via E-Mail
      12. Integrating Third-Party Analytics
  8. Part IV: Marketing beyond the Facebook Page
    1. Chapter 10: Using Facebook Advertising to Promote Your Business
      1. Introducing Facebook Ads
      2. Creating Winning Ads
      3. Creating a Facebook Ad
      4. Creating Multiple Campaigns
      5. Devising a Landing Page Strategy for Your Ads
      6. Managing and Measuring Your Ad Campaigns with Ads Manager
      7. Understanding Other Facebook Ad Manager Features
    2. Chapter 11: Facebook Marketing for Local Businesses
      1. The Basics of Facebook Places
      2. Understanding the Role of Location in Your Marketing Plan
      3. Getting Started with Facebook Places
      4. Promoting Your Business with Deals
      5. Understanding Facebook Deals
      6. Creating a Facebook Deal
      7. Getting the Most from Your Deal
      8. Promoting Your Deal
    3. Chapter 12: Setting Up Groups, Promotions, and Events
      1. Discovering Facebook Groups
      2. Creating Your Own Facebook Group
      3. Creating a Facebook Promotion
      4. Hosting a Facebook Event
    4. Chapter 13: Cross-Promoting Your Page
      1. Making Facebook Part of Your Marketing Mix
      2. Leveraging Your Facebook Presence via Your E-Mail, Website, and Blog
      3. Promoting Your Facebook Presence Offline
      4. Optimizing Your Page
    5. Chapter 14: Understanding and Using Facebook Social Plug-ins
      1. Extending the Facebook Experience with Social Plug-ins
      2. Adding the Code
      3. Integrating Facebook Insights into Your Social Plugins
      4. Getting More Visibility with the Like Button
      5. Allowing for Private Sharing with the Send Button
      6. Leveraging Popular Content with the Recommendations Plug-In
      7. Integrating Facebook’s Login Button
      8. Adding Comments to Your Website
      9. Showing User Activities with the Activity Feed Plug-In
      10. Liking the Like Box
      11. Making Registration Painless with the Registration Plug-in
      12. Personalizing a Site with the Facepile Plug-In
      13. Engaging in Real Time with Live Stream
  9. Part V: The Part of Tens
    1. Chapter 15: Ten Common Facebook Marketing Mistakes (And How to Avoid Them)
      1. Using a Profile to Market Your Business
      2. Using a Group to Market Your Business
      3. Setting an Ineffective Default Tab
      4. Posting Shortened URLs
      5. Winging It
      6. Posting During Bad Times
      7. Selling Too Much
      8. Selling Too Little
      9. Posting Lengthy Updates
      10. Ignoring Comments
    2. Chapter 16: Ten Business Etiquette Tips for Facebook
      1. Don’t Drink and Facebook
      2. Keep It Clean and Civilized
      3. Avoid Overdoing It
      4. Dress Up Your Page with Applications
      5. Respect the Wall
      6. Be Careful When Talking to Strangers
      7. Don’t Be Afraid to Ignore a Fan
      8. Deal with Your Irate Fans
      9. Don’t Forget Birthday Greetings
      10. Maintain Your Privacy
    3. Chapter 17: Ten (Okay, Eight) Factors for Long-Term Facebook Marketing Success
      1. Learn the Language, Eat the Food
      2. Understand Why People Share
      3. Be Useful and Helpful
      4. Listen to Your Fans
      5. Consistently Participate
      6. Appreciate and Recognize Your Fans
      7. Measure and Monitor
      8. Be Fearless and Creative

Product information

  • Title: Facebook® Marketing For Dummies®, 3rd Edition
  • Author(s): John Haydon, Paul Dunay, Richard Krueger
  • Release date: February 2012
  • Publisher(s): For Dummies
  • ISBN: 9781118107409