Chapter 8

Engaging with Your Fans

In This Chapter

arrow Understanding what engagement means for your business

arrow Measuring engagement on Facebook

arrow Strategies and tactics that increase engagement

After you create a Facebook Page (see Chapter 4 for details on how), you can start building a strong fan base for your Page. Social networking is a “quantity game,” meaning that the amount of time you spend networking has a huge effect on the results you receive. In this way, using Facebook isn’t that different from in-person networking. For example, when you attend a networking event, you’ll likely build your credibility in the group and add to your number of contacts.

However, Facebook is also a quality game. Say that you attend 50 events instead of just 1. If you don’t offer valuable information and interaction, people won’t be inclined to support your agenda or even remember you. If all you do is hand out your business card to as many people as possible, all they’ll remember is the moment when someone interrupted them.

If you instead offer a solution to a problem they brought up during your conversation, though, they’ll not only remember you, but they might repay the favor by referring you new ...

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