Chapter 13

Cross-Promoting Your Page

In This Chapter

arrow Working Facebook into your marketing plans

arrow Using other online communication to drive fans to your Facebook Page

arrow Promoting your Facebook Page via offline marketing

arrow Making your Facebook Page search engine friendly

The best kind of Facebook promotion takes advantage of existing marketing activities to cross-promote your Facebook Page. Driving users to your Facebook Page from other marketing vehicles allows you to take advantage of all your other awesome marketing efforts in addition to Facebook.

Many marketers drive visitors from their websites to their Facebook Pages to take advantage of Facebook’s capability to create an instant community around their brand at virtually no infrastructure cost. Cross-promoting your Facebook Page via your company website also helps improve your search engine optimization (SEO), which affects the ranking of your site in search engines. By creating more relevant links from your Facebook Page to your website, you allow users to find both more easily if they use search engines.

In this chapter, we cover ...

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