Chapter 11

Using Facebook Advertising to Promote Your Business

In This Chapter

arrow Planning your Facebook ad campaign

arrow Designing compelling ads

arrow Creating your ad

arrow Defining your landing page

arrow Managing and measuring your Facebook ads with Ads Manager

With more than 1 billion users worldwide, Facebook ads can reach an audience seven times bigger than a Super Bowl’s television audience, and if you’re not looking to go global (which is most likely the case), you can target Facebook ads to specific demographics (location, gender, relationship status, education, brand preferences, musical tastes, and so on). You can even target specific segments within your customer base!

Facebook's ad platform allows you to easily create your ad, select your target audience, set your daily budget, set a start and end date, and measure results. Ads can be purchased based on cost per impression (CPM) or cost per click (CPC). And unlike Google ads, Facebook allows advertisers to leverage Facebook's social graph, ...

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