Chapter 15

Understanding and Using Facebook Social Plug-Ins

In This Chapter

arrow Using Facebook Social Plug-ins

arrow Getting Facebook friends’ recommendations and comments

arrow Connecting with the Login button, Activity Feed, and Like Box plug-ins

arrow Showing visitors’ Facebook profile pictures with Facepile

arrow Choosing Facebook plug-ins for WordPress websites

Facebook offers eleven different ways of bridging its social activities with your website, each with its own take on the Open Graph data generated by Facebook users. These social plug-ins allow you to set up your website so that whenever a reader interacts with your site, such as by leaving a comment on a blog post, a story about that action appears on that person’s timeline.

Social plug-ins can do lots of things: They can personalize the content that your visitors see, display the names of Facebook friends who have visited the site, or allow visitors to engage with their Facebook friends, all without having to log in to your website. By integrating ...

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