Facebook Marketing For Dummies, 5th Edition

Book description

Practical Facebook marketing strategies, tactics, and techniques

This new edition of Facebook Marketing For Dummies arms novice to expert marketers with everything they need to plan, refine, execute, and maintain a successful Facebook marketing campaign. Fully updated to cover the latest tools and techniques of Facebook marketing, you'll find hands-on guidance to create and administer your Page Timeline, understand the psychology of the Facebook user, build your fan base, utilize events, contests, and polls to promote your Page, increase your brand awareness, integrate your Facebook marketing campaign with other marketing strategies, and monitor, measure, and adjust your Facebook marketing campaigns.

Written by a leading expert on helping others use Facebook and other social media tools to promote and enhance their brands, this practical guide gets you up and running on Facebook marketing—fast. In plain English, it walks you through all the latest features, including new designs for the News Feed, Timeline, and Pages, as well as major changes to the Facebook advertising platform.

  • Includes real-world case studies that illustrate how successful Facebook marketing really works

  • Fully updated to cover the latest tools and techniques in Facebook marketing

  • Shows marketers how to use Facebook to reach and engage their target audience

  • Provides step-by-step instructions on how to organize, optimize, and manage your Facebook advertising campaigns

  • If you're a marketer looking to develop or refine a social media marketing plan that includes significant Facebook presence, Facebook Marketing For Dummies is your go-to guide.

    Table of contents

      1. Introduction
        1. About This Book
        2. Foolish Assumptions
        3. Icons Used in This Book
        4. Beyond the Book
        5. Where to Go from Here
      2. Part I: Getting Started with Facebook Marketing
        1. Chapter 1: Marketing in the Age of Facebook
          1. What Is Facebook, and Why Is It So Popular?
          2. Understanding the Marketing Potential of Facebook
            1. Leveraging the power of word-of-mouth marketing
            2. Using marketing tools for all kinds of businesses
          3. Understanding Why Your Business Needs a Facebook Page
            1. Attracting new fans who are friends of customers
            2. Changing first-time customers into repeat customers
        2. Chapter 2: Researching and Understanding Your Target Audience
          1. Defining Your Target Audience
            1. Understanding the marketing funnel
            2. Understanding the ladder of engagement
            3. Defining who your best customers are
            4. Selecting demographic criteria for your target audience
            5. Using personas to give your target audience personality
          2. Researching Target Audiences with Facebook’s Ad Tool
          3. Discovering How Many Customers Use Facebook
        3. Chapter 3: Developing a Facebook Marketing Plan
          1. Understanding the Power of Word of Mouth on Facebook
          2. Understanding What to Include in Your Marketing Plan
          3. Developing Your Value Proposition
          4. Understanding Your Audience
            1. Finding out what makes your fans tick
            2. Appreciating your fans
          5. Defining Your Marketing Goals
            1. Building awareness of your brand
            2. Driving sales
            3. Forming a community with a Facebook Group
            4. Listening to feedback
          6. Developing Your Content Strategy
          7. Monitoring and Reporting Page Activity
            1. Using Insights for Pages
            2. Creating benchmarks and setting goals
            3. Keeping an eye on key metrics
          8. Integrating Your Online and Offline Campaigns
            1. Deciding on a media budget
            2. Hiring an online writer
      3. Part II: Building Your Facebook Presence
        1. Chapter 4: Getting Started with a Facebook Page
          1. Understanding the Differences among Pages, Timelines, and Groups
            1. Timelines are personal, not business
            2. Groups are for connection, not promotion
          2. Creating a Facebook Page from Scratch
            1. Adding your description and website
            2. Uploading your profile picture
            3. Adding your Page to your favorites
            4. Advertising your Facebook Page
            5. Adding a cover photo to your Facebook Page
            6. Editing your Facebook Page’s profile picture
            7. Limiting access to your Page until launch
          3. Adding More Information about Your Business
            1. Setting age, location, posting, and messaging restrictions
            2. Configuring, commenting, and posting moderation settings
          4. Adding Apps to and Removing Apps from a Facebook Page
            1. Adding more apps to your Facebook Page
            2. Changing the order of your Facebook Page views
          5. Adding Page Administrators
          6. Getting the Most from Facebook Marketing Resources
          7. Understanding Facebook’s Terms and Conditions
        2. Chapter 5: Configuring the Best Admin Settings for Your Facebook Page
          1. Configuring Your Page Timeline for Maximum Engagement
          2. Allowing Threaded Comments on Your Page Updates
          3. Limiting Who Can See Your Page Content
          4. Configuring Profanity and Moderation Settings
          5. Posting as a Page versus Posting as a Profile
            1. Switching between posting as a profile and posting as a Page
            2. Posting as a Page on other Pages
            3. Posting as a profile as a personal choice
            4. Knowing the difference between being helpful and spamming
          6. Engaging Fans with Your Mobile Phone
            1. Posting content and managing your Page with mobile web browsers
            2. Posting content and managing your Page with mobile apps
            3. Posting content and managing your Facebook Page via email
        3. Chapter 6: Enhancing Your Facebook Page with Applications
          1. Understanding Facebook Applications
          2. Yeah, There’s an App for That — but Where?
          3. Using Third-Party Custom Facebook Page Tab Services
          4. Choosing E-Commerce Applications for Your Page
          5. Granting Access to Applications
          6. Configuring Application Tabs on Your Facebook Page
            1. Changing tab names
            2. Changing tab images
            3. Changing the order of tabs
            4. Removing an app from your Facebook Page
          7. Creating Custom Facebook Tabs with HTML
            1. Using the Static HTML: iframe tabs application
            2. Designing a custom tab: Tips and recommendations
      4. Part III: Engaging with Your Customers and Prospects on Facebook
        1. Chapter 7: Creating a Remarkable Presence on Facebook with Content Marketing
          1. Understanding How Content Marketing Works on Facebook
            1. Understanding the difference between your website and your Facebook Page
            2. Understanding how people scan content
            3. Understanding how Facebook’s News Feed algorithm affects visibility on Facebook
            4. Understanding that Facebook users can hide all posts from your Page
            5. Creating compelling content for your Facebook Page
            6. Knowing your audience
            7. Staying on message
          2. Defining Your Posting Goals
          3. Getting Fans Engaged
          4. Saving Time Creating Visual Content
        2. Chapter 8: Growing Your Facebook Page’s Fan Base
          1. Mapping a Launch Strategy for Your Facebook Page
          2. Fostering a Sense of Enchantment on Your Facebook Page
          3. Preparing Your Facebook Page for Launch
          4. Enhancing Your Facebook Page with Content before Launch
          5. Adding a Compelling Reason for Users to Like Your Page
            1. Adding photos and videos
            2. Adding photo albums
            3. Adding milestones
          6. Making Your Facebook Page Easy to Find in Search Engines
          7. Networking with Friends to Launch Your Facebook Page
            1. Encouraging your friends to share your Page with their friends
            2. Promoting your Page to friends with the Invite feature
            3. Tagging photos to promote your Page to your friends
          8. Leveraging Existing Marketing Assets to Launch Your Facebook Page
            1. Your email signature
            2. Your email list
            3. Printed marketing materials
            4. QR codes
            5. Your blog
            6. Webinars
            7. YouTube
          9. Promoting Your Facebook Page in Your Store
          10. Promoting Your Facebook Page by Using Facebook Ads
          11. Promoting Your Facebook Page by Using an Integrated Approach
        3. Chapter 9: Engaging Your Facebook Fans
          1. Understanding What Engagement Really Means
            1. What engagement means for word-of-mouth marketing
            2. Understanding what engagement on Facebook offers you
            3. Understanding how Facebook users engage with your business
          2. Measuring Engagement with Facebook Insights
          3. Getting Tactical with Engagement on Your Facebook Page
          4. Getting Notifications about Facebook Users’ Activity
          5. Using Your Facebook Page’s Activity Log
          6. Responding to Comments and Posts
          7. Running Facebook Contests
            1. Understanding Facebook rules for contests
            2. Using third-party apps for Facebook promotions
            3. Creating an effective promotion
        4. Chapter 10: Improving Your Marketing Strategy with Facebook Insights
          1. Getting Analytical with Facebook Insights
          2. Using Facebook Insights
            1. Understanding the two types of Likes your Facebook Page receives
            2. Accessing Page Insights
          3. Exploring Facebook Page Insights
          4. Understanding the Overview Report
          5. Using the Likes Report for Smarter Fan Acquisition
          6. Reaching Fans with the Reach Report
          7. Monitoring Site Traffic with the Visits Report
          8. Evaluating Posts with the Posts Report
          9. Viewing Demographics with the People Report
          10. Exporting Insights Data
          11. Using Third-Party Analytics
      5. Part IV: Marketing beyond the Facebook Page
        1. Chapter 11: Using Facebook Advertising to Promote Your Business
          1. Introducing Facebook Ads
            1. Using Facebook Ads as part of your overall marketing mix
            2. Understanding how Facebook Ads differ from other online ads
            3. Understanding Facebook’s targeting options
            4. Setting your budget
          2. Creating Winning Ads
            1. Writing effective copy
            2. Choosing the right image
            3. Simplifying your offer
          3. Devising a Landing-Page Strategy for Your Ads
            1. Landing on a Facebook location
            2. Landing on a website
            3. Making sure that your website is responsive
          4. Creating a Facebook Ad
            1. Step 1: Choosing your objective
            2. Step 2: Creating your ad
            3. Step 3: Targeting your audience
            4. Step 4: Selecting your campaign, ad sets, budget, and schedule
            5. Step 5: Bidding and pricing
          5. Creating Boosted Posts
            1. Creating a Boosted Post from your Facebook Page
            2. Viewing real-time analytics for Boosted Posts
          6. Creating Multiple Campaigns
          7. Managing and Measuring Your Ad Campaigns with Ads Manager
            1. Viewing performance data
            2. Viewing campaign details
            3. Viewing the ad preview and targeting summary
            4. Changing your daily budget
          8. Understanding Other Facebook Ads Manager Features
            1. Accessing your Facebook Page from Ads Manager
            2. Creating and scheduling Facebook Ad reports
            3. Adding other users to your Facebook Ad account
            4. Tracking payment transactions
            5. Finding out about your business resources
        2. Chapter 12: Using Facebook Offers to Sell Products and Services
          1. Understanding Facebook Offers
          2. Creating an Offer for Your Page
          3. Getting the Most from Your Offer
          4. Promoting Your Offer
            1. Promoting your offer on your Facebook Page
            2. Promoting your offer with Facebook Ads
            3. Promoting your offer through other marketing channels
        3. Chapter 13: Using Facebook Groups and Events for Your Business
          1. Discovering Facebook Groups
          2. Understanding How Facebook Groups Fit In with Your Business
          3. Using Facebook Groups
            1. Distinguishing Facebook Groups from Pages
            2. Finding a group
            3. Joining a group
            4. Accessing groups you joined
            5. Participating in a group
          4. Creating Your Own Facebook Group
            1. Securing your group’s name
            2. Setting up your group
            3. Setting up a group URL and email address
            4. Configuring other group settings
            5. Deleting a group
          5. Using Facebook Events to Promote Your Business
            1. Creating an event
            2. Adding a cover image to your event
            3. Inviting friends to your event
            4. Editing your event
            5. Exporting your event
            6. Following up after an event
        4. Chapter 14: Integrating Facebook into Your Other Marketing Channels
          1. Making Facebook Part of Your Marketing Mix
            1. Posting content new fans can engage with
            2. Choosing a custom Facebook username
            3. Cross-promoting your Page
            4. Leveraging your Facebook presence via email, website, and blog
            5. Adding a Facebook Like Box to your website
          2. Promoting Your Facebook Presence Offline
            1. Networking offline
            2. Placing the Facebook logo on signs and in store windows
            3. Using a QR code to promote your Page
            4. Referencing your Page in ads and product literature
          3. Optimizing Your Page for Search Results
            1. Using search engine optimization to drive traffic
            2. Driving more Likes to your Page
          4. Getting Inside Your Customers’ Heads
        5. Chapter 15: Integrating Facebook Features into Your Website with Social Plugins
          1. Extending the Facebook Experience with Social Plugins
          2. Adding Plug-In Code to Your Website
          3. Integrating Facebook Insights into Your Social Plugins
            1. Setting up your website as a Facebook application
            2. Integrating Facebook’s software into your website
          4. Getting More Visibility with the Like Button
          5. Allowing for Public Sharing with the Share Button
          6. Allowing for Private Sharing with the Send Button
          7. Adding a Follow Button to Your Personal Profile
          8. Adding Comments to Your Website
          9. Showing User Activities with the Activity Feed Plug-In
          10. Highlighting Popular Content with the Recommendations Plug-In
          11. Driving Deeper Engagement with the Recommendations Bar
          12. Adding a Facebook Page Like Box to Your Website
          13. Creating More Reach with the Embedded Posts Plug-In
          14. Personalizing a Site with the Facepile Plug-In
          15. Facebook’s Plug-In for Hosted WordPress Sites
      6. Part V: The Part of Tens
        1. Chapter 16: Ten Common Facebook Marketing Mistakes (and How to Avoid Them)
          1. Think Like a Traditional Marketer
          2. Use a Profile to Market Your Business
          3. Use a Group to Market Your Business
          4. Post with Shortened URLs
          5. Wing It
          6. Post at Bad Times
          7. Be Pushy
          8. Sell Too Little
          9. Post Lengthy Updates
          10. Ignore Comments
        2. Chapter 17: Ten Business Tips for Facebook
          1. Understand That Business Is Personal
          2. Don’t Drink and Facebook
          3. Keep Things Clean and Civilized
          4. Be Careful Friending Strangers
          5. Dress Up Your Page with Applications
          6. Respect the Timeline
          7. Don’t Be Afraid to Ignore People
          8. Deal with Your Irate Users
          9. Don’t Forget Birthday Greetings
          10. Maintain Your Privacy
        3. Chapter 18: Ten (Okay, Eight) Factors for Long-Term Facebook Marketing Success
          1. Know the Language, Eat the Food
          2. Understand Why People Share
          3. Be Useful and Helpful
          4. Listen to Your Fans
          5. Consistently Participate
          6. Appreciate and Recognize Your Fans
          7. Measure and Monitor
          8. Be Fearless and Creative
      7. About the Author
      8. Cheat Sheet
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    • Title: Facebook Marketing For Dummies, 5th Edition
    • Author(s): John Haydon
    • Release date: December 2014
    • Publisher(s): For Dummies
    • ISBN: 9781118951323