Chapter 17

Ten Business Tips for Facebook

In This Chapter

arrow Keeping everything clean

arrow Maintaining a professional demeanor

arrow Understanding when not to reply

arrow Keeping your private info private

As Facebook grows, so does the number of embarrassing faux pas committed by individuals and companies alike. There are occasional slips of the tongue, odd photos, and everyone’s favorites: embarrassing tags in photos or videos.

You can and must protect your brand’s reputation on Facebook, as well as maintain the utmost respect for the Facebook community. The down side is steep; you can lose your Page, your profile, or both. After you’re banned from Facebook, it’s hard to get back in, and by that time, the audience that you worked so hard to build is gone. Therefore, it’s a good idea to abide by the tips and warnings I outline in this chapter.

Understand That Business Is Personal

Yes, you own a business and use a Facebook Page to promote it. But because people ultimately do business with people, Facebook users may eventually want to get to know you as a person.

Some businesses — such as real estate ...

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