Chapter 18

Ten (Okay, Eight) Factors for Long-Term Facebook Marketing Success

In This Chapter

arrow Understanding why Facebook users share

arrow Building trust with Facebook fans

arrow Understanding why you should measure your results

arrow Being creative and fearless

Every marketer wants her Facebook campaign to succeed, but not everyone can be so lucky. What are the best approaches to ensure success? This chapter lists the most time-tested ways to make sure that your campaign makes the most of Facebook.

Know the Language, Eat the Food

One of the best ways to ensure long-term marketing success on Facebook is to use it personally. Sure, you can read books and the latest research on why people use Facebook and why it continues to have amazing growth even after exceeding 1.3 billion monthly users worldwide, but no book can take the place of the Facebook experience.

By signing up and using Facebook to connect with high-school friends, share photographs with family members, discover new music, and comment within threads about various topics, you begin to understand how to connect with your customers. It’s ...

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