Facebook: The Missing Manual

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Facebook is the wildly popular, free social networking site that combines the best of blogs, online forums, photo sharing, clever applications, and interaction among friends. The one thing it doesn't have is a user's guide to help you truly take advantage of it. Until now. Facebook: The Missing Manual gives you a crystal clear and entertaining look at everything this fascinating Facebook phenomenon has to offer.

Teeming with high-quality color graphics, each page in this Missing Manual is uniquely designed to help you with specific Facebook tasks, such as signing up, networking, shopping, joining groups, finding or filling a job, and a whole lot more. You'll discover how to create your page and make connections with other members in no time -- everybody who went to your school, for example, or those who work at your company or play on your soccer team. Then, bingo! Instant access to the personal and professional details of all the folks you're connected with, the people they're connected with, and so on, and so on.

With Facebook: The Missing Manual, you learn to:

  • Join a network, whether it's where you went to school, work-related, or based on other interests
  • Look up old friends, find new ones, and decide who you'd like to keep track of
  • Contact members by virtually poking them, or leaving notes on their message boards
  • Get automatic updates from Facebook friends and send updates of your own
  • Participate in groups of particular interest and meet up with members face-to-face
  • Buy and sell using Facebook's marketplace and classified ads
  • Find a job or hire employees by combing through the member pool
  • Use Facebook as a collaboration tool to keep team members, co-workers, clients, and projects up to date
  • Play it safe by using a multi-pronged approach to ensuring your privacy
Think of Facebook as a 30-million-plus-entry searchable Rolodex on steroids! With help from this guide, you'll quickly get into the Facebook experience -- without getting in over your head.

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Table of contents

  1. A Note Regarding Supplemental Files
  2. About the Creative Team
  3. Acknowledgments
  4. The Missing Manual Series
  5. Introduction
    1. How Facebook Works
    2. What You Can Do With Facebook
      1. Social Activities
      2. Professional Uses for Facebook
    3. About This Book
      1. Missing Manuals on Facebook.com
      2. About MissingManuals.com
      3. Safari® Books Online
  6. I. From Signing Up to Staying Connected
    1. 1. Getting Started
      1. Signing Up for an Account
      2. Creating Your Profile
        1. Viewing Your Profile
        2. Adding Basic Information
        3. Adding Contact Information
        4. Adding Personal Information
        5. Adding Academic and Work-related Information
        6. Adding Pictures of Yourself
      3. Viewing Your Facebook Home Page
      4. Changing Account Information
    2. 2. Joining a Network
      1. How Networks Work
      2. Viewing the Networks You’re Already On
      3. Joining a Network
      4. Suggesting a New Network
    3. 3. Finding and Adding Friends
      1. How Facebook Friends Work
      2. Finding Friends
        1. Finding People Who Are Facebook Members
        2. Finding People Who Aren’t Facebook Members
        3. Finding New Friends
      3. Inviting People to Be Your Friend
      4. Responding to Friend Requests
        1. Confirming Email Requests
        2. Confirming Requests in Facebook
        3. Ignoring a Friend Request
      5. Viewing Your Friends
      6. Organizing Your Friends
        1. Creating a New Friend List
        2. Viewing a Friend List
        3. Editing a Friend List
        4. Deleting a Friend List
      7. Viewing Your Connections to Friends
        1. Adding Relationship Details
      8. Breaking Up: Unfriending Friends
    4. 4. Sending Messages to Friends
      1. Sending Messages
        1. Sending Messages to Friends
        2. Sending Messages to People You’re Not (Yet) Friends With
        3. Sending a Message to More Than One Person
      2. Receiving Messages
        1. Viewing Your Facebook Inbox
        2. Reading and Responding to Messages
      3. Poking
      4. Writing on Walls
        1. Writing on a Friend’s Wall
        2. Responding to a Wall Post
      5. Sending Gifts
    5. 5. Exchanging Automatic Updates
      1. Types of Updates
      2. News Feeds: What Others Are Doing
        1. Customizing Your News Feed
      3. Mini-feeds: What You’re Doing
        1. Customizing Your Mini-feed
      4. Facebook Notifications
        1. Viewing Your Notifications
        2. Choosing Which Notifications You Want to See
      5. Subscriptions
        1. Subscribing to Friends’ Status Updates
        2. Subscribing to Friends’ Posts
        3. Subscribing to People’s Notes
        4. Subscribing to Your Notifications
        5. Finalizing Your Subscription
      6. Creating Notes (Blogs)
        1. Typing Notes from Scratch
        2. Importing Notes from an Existing Blog
        3. Viewing and Changing Your Notes
        4. Restricting Access to Your Notes
        5. Adding Comments to Notes
        6. Tagging Notes
        7. Finding Mentions of Yourself in People’s Notes
      7. Controlling What People See About You
        1. Preventing People from Subscribing to Your Notes
        2. Preventing People from Subscribing to Your Status Updates
        3. Removing Details from Your Mini-feed
  7. II. Interest Groups and Shopping
    1. 6. Participating in Groups
      1. What’s a Group?
      2. Finding Existing Groups
        1. Browsing for Groups
        2. Searching for Groups
        3. Finding Popular Groups
      3. Joining a Group
      4. Creating a Group
        1. Inviting People to Join A Group
        2. Deleting a Group You Started
      5. Participating in Groups
        1. If You’re a Group Member
        2. If You’re the Group Creator
    2. 7. Facebook and the Real World: In-person Events
      1. The Three Different Kinds of Events
      2. Finding Existing Events
        1. Searching for Events by Name or Subject
        2. Browsing for Events
        3. Seeing Your Friends’ Events
        4. Checking Out Popular Events
      3. RSVPing to an Event
      4. Creating Your Own Events
    3. 8. Going Shopping
      1. The Facebook Marketplace
        1. The Friend Filter: Ads from Network Connections
        2. Cost: Free, Risk: Yours
      2. Placing an Ad
        1. Getting Rid of Something
        2. Want Ads
        3. Changing Your Ad
      3. Finding Stuff
      4. Answering an Ad
  8. III. Doing Business with Facebook
    1. 9. Hiring and Getting Hired
      1. Recruiting New Hires
        1. Paid Advertising
        2. Using Regular Facebook Groups
        3. Posting a Marketplace Ad
        4. Searching for Prospects
        5. Announcing an Opening to Your Friends
      2. Vetting Prospects
      3. Looking for a Job
        1. Turning Your Profile into a Resumé
        2. Using the Marketplace.
        3. Networking
    2. 10. Collaborating on Projects via Facebook
      1. Keeping in Touch
        1. Sending Messages
        2. Setting up Meetings
        3. Exchanging Ideas
        4. Creating and Subscribing to Notes
      2. Exchanging Files
        1. Sharing Pictures
        2. Creating and Filling a Picture Album
        3. Editing Your Album
        4. Viewing Your Album
        5. Restricting Access to Your Albums
        6. Tagging (Labeling) Your Pictures
        7. Posting Items on Your Profile
      3. Keeping Up-to-date with Feeds
    3. 11. Advertising on Facebook
      1. Taking Polls
        1. Setting Up a Poll
      2. Facebook Pages: Profiles for Bands, Brands, and More
        1. How Pages Work
        2. Creating a Page
        3. Becoming a Fan
      3. Social Ads (Targeted Announcements)
        1. Creating and Running a Social Ad
      4. High-dollar Options
        1. Beacon
        2. Sponsored Marketplace Listings
        3. Sponsored Stories
        4. Sponsored Groups
  9. IV. Privacy and Power Tools
    1. 12. Customizing Facebook and Adding Applications
      1. Modifying Your Home Page and Profile
      2. Facebook Applications: An Overview
        1. Finding Applications
        2. Adding Applications
        3. Using Applications
        4. Troubleshooting Applications
        5. Controlling Where Applications Appear and Who Knows You’re Using Them
        6. Deleting Applications
        7. Customizing Your Applications Menu
        8. Applications and Privacy
    2. 13. Playing It Safe: Facebook Privacy
      1. Privacy and Facebook: An Overview
        1. Privacy Threats
        2. Strategies for Keeping Your Info Private
      2. Deciding How Much to Share
      3. Controlling Access to Your Account
      4. Adjusting Your Privacy Settings
        1. Controlling Who Sees Your Profile and Contact Info
        2. Creating a Stripped-down Profile
        3. Hiding from Facebook and Web Searches
        4. Controlling Automatic Feeds
        5. Deciding What Applications Can Access
        6. Controlling Who Learns What You’re Up To
      5. Fighting Back
        1. Blocking Individual Members
        2. Reporting Violations
    3. 14. Facebook Mobile
      1. How Facebook Mobile Works
      2. Setting up Facebook Mobile
        1. Activating Your Phone
        2. Adjusting Your Settings
      3. Using Facebook Mobile
        1. Surfing Facebook from Your Phone
        2. Interacting with Facebook via Text Message
        3. Uploading a Picture or Video
        4. Subscribing to Friends’ Mobile Uploads
        5. Deactivating Your Phone
  10. V. Appendix
    1. A. Getting Help
      1. Facebook Help
      2. Contacting Facebook
      3. Useful Facebook-related Web Sites
  11. Index
  12. About the Author
  13. Copyright

Product information

  • Title: Facebook: The Missing Manual
  • Author(s): E. A. Vander Veer
  • Release date: January 2008
  • Publisher(s): O'Reilly Media, Inc.
  • ISBN: 9780596517694