Appendix A. Getting Help

Facebook is pretty easy to use—especially if you keep this book handy. But Facebook’s design team regularly adds new features and changes existing ones. So, someday soon you may log into Facebook and find a new menu option or discover that your favorite application doesn’t work the way it used to. When that day comes, you can get up to speed quickly by checking Facebook’s Help section or getting info from other websites that cover Facebook. Read on to learn more.

Facebook Help

Unlike some online help pages, Facebook Help is easy to find, well-written, succinct—and usually helpful (imagine that). To access Facebook Help:

  1. Scroll to the bottom right of any Facebook screen and click the Help Center link.

    image with no caption


    You can also find Help Center links in other places around the site, including the drop-down list that pops up when you click the Account link in the upper right of any screen. Best of all are the Help links that appear at the bottom of all built-in Facebook applications such as Photos, Groups, and Events (look for the links in the center portion of your screen). If you click one of these links, you’ll jump directly to the Help page for that application.

  2. On the Help Center screen that appears, click the topic you want to know more about. You can also type a phrase into the Search field and hit Enter.


    Clicking the links you see on the left side of the Help Center ...

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