Chapter 8. Going Shopping

As part of its quest to be the only website you ever need to visit, Facebook recently partnered with Oodle, a company that specializes in online classifieds, to come up with an easy way for Facebook members to buy and sell stuff from each other. The result: An amped-up third-party application called Marketplace that replaces the original built-in Facebook Marketplace feature. (The term “third-party” just means it was created someone other than the programmers at Facebook.)

The Marketplace application is easy to find and add to your Facebook Account. And unlike the classifieds in your local paper or ads on, on Facebook, you can learn about the person who placed the ad before you contact him. As you’ll see in this chapter, you can use Facebook Marketplace to buy or sell just about anything.


Marketplace is a relatively new Facebook application, so it’s not quite the seller-packed, go-to shopping haunt that Craigslist is—yet. What it is spectacularly useful for is facilitating local sales: those Chihuahua puppies you want to get rid of, those textbooks gathering dust in the corner, that on-campus job you want to fill. Anything of special interest to your friends or fellow network members is a prime candidate for Marketplace.

The Marketplace Application

Marketplace is a Facebook application (Facebook Applications: An Overview) that lets you post and answer want ads. You can use Marketplace to advertise that you want to rent a house, fill a position, ...

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