Chapter 2. Hooking Up to the Internet

Get ready to ...

  • Select an Internet Service Provider

  • Set Up a Dial-Up Connection

  • Choose a Broadband Network Option

  • Connect a Powerline Network.

  • Connect a Wireless Network

  • Remember These Rules to Stay Safe Online

You're settled on your computer, and you're ready to get started with social connections on the Web. Before you start checking out sites such as Facebook and Twitter, you need access to the Internet. (Details, details ....) The way to access the Internet is through an Internet service provider, or ISP, such as Earthlink, AT&T, or RoadRunner. If you don't already belong to one of these, don't worry; joining is easy, as I describe in this chapter.

ISPs offer two basic types of connections: dial-up (slower, but less expensive) and broadband (faster and pricier). In this chapter, I fill you in on some details to help you decide what's right for you. Also, I tell you about the wired or wireless networking methods that complete the setup you need for easy access to Facebook and Twitter.

Over the years, I have written what seems like volumes of tips to keep people safe online. But I know this book won't have to give you all the whys and wherefores — you've been around the block (as have I) — so I give you just a few easy-to-follow rules for staying safe during your online social interactions.

Select an Internet Service Provider

  1. If you plan to join a telephone dial-up ISP (because dial-up requires no additional equipment or connections in most — usually ...

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