Chapter 1 You Only Have to Do This Once


  • 1 Arduino Uno (Revision 3)
  • 1 Arduino USB cable
  • Your computer: a desktop or laptop running Mac OS, Windows, or Linux

You’re about to embark on the world of smart objects using Arduinos. There’s so much you can do and it’s all a lot of fun. You’ll say “Wow!” and “Yay!” and maybe even “Eureka!”

But first, we need to get you set up. This will take several steps, but I’ll walk you through each one. Think of me as a computer professional (or a talented child) walking you through each step; a kind, patient computer professional/talented child.

Most importantly, you only have to do this once. I really want you to remember that, which is why I put it right up there as the title of this chapter. ...

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