Chapter 7 Someone Moved My Stuff!


  • 1 Arduino
  • 1 Arduino USB cable
  • 1 breadboard
  • 5 jumper wires
  • 1 pressure sensor
  • 1 little buzzer
  • 1 10k-ohm (10kΩ) resistor, which has a brown-black-orange stripe pattern
  • a small object you cherish :-)
  • Your computer

Optional part

  • 1 Arduino power supply

Imagine an adventure movie where our hero is in search of the Object That Will Save Earth. After outwitting evil-doers, finding a hidden cave, and sneaking past laser-beam alarms, she puts her hands on the valuable object and picks it up. Moments later, red lights flash and alarms sound.

It is that moment we’re going to re-create!

Concepts: Sensing Force

Just as there are materials that change their conductivity with different light levels or temperature, ...

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