In-Person Prospecting

Nothing replaces being in the same room, face-to-face.

—Peter Guber

Kelly is a rental uninform services sales representative. His primary role and responsibility is selling new accounts. He is the top rep in his region and has been awarded a president's club trip each of the last six consecutive years. According to his sales manager, what sets Kelly apart from his peers is relentless prospecting.

Each day Kelly invests an hour prospecting by phone; his goal is to set two to three appointments with qualified prospects. Once Kelly has his appointments set, he researches his database for three to five additional prospects that are nearby each those preset appointments. Then, using the mapping tool embedded in his CRM, he creates an efficient route to each of the prospects in relation to the preset appointment.

Finally, he does a little research on each of these prospects to gain an understanding of what they do and remind himself of previous conversations. He also uses the social channel (usually LinkedIn) to gather information on and download pictures of the key players at the location. This research helps him develop and refine his approach before calling on these prospects in person—before or after his preset appointment.

Since most of his prospects are located in industrial parks or close to other businesses, he also leverages a technique called a T-Call. When he goes to his preset appointments and planned in-person prospecting calls, he makes a T by ...

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