Chapter 4

Analog Output

Chapter Outline

4.1 Introducing Data Conversion

4.1.1 The Digital-to-Analog Converter

4.2 Analog Outputs on the mbed

4.2.1 Creating Constant Output Voltages

4.2.2 Sawtooth Waveforms

4.2.3 Testing the DAC Resolution

4.2.4 Generating a Sine Wave

4.3 Another Form of Analog Output: Pulse Width Modulation

4.4 Pulse Width Modulation on the mbed

4.4.1 Using the mbed PWM Sources

4.4.2 Some Trial PWM Outputs

4.4.3 Speed Control of a Small Motor

4.4.4 Generating PWM in Software

4.4.5 Servo Control

4.4.6 Outputting to a Piezo Transducer

Chapter Review



4.1 Introducing Data Conversion

Microcontrollers are digital devices, but they spend most of their time dealing with a world which is analog, as illustrated in

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