Chapter 9

Interrupts, Timers and Tasks

Chapter Outline

9.1 Time and Tasks in Embedded Systems

9.1.1 Timers and Interrupts

9.1.2 Tasks

9.1.3 Event-Triggered and Time-Triggered Tasks

9.2 Responding to Event-Triggered Events

9.2.1 Polling

9.2.2 Introducing Interrupts

9.3 Simple Interrupts on the mbed

9.4 Getting Deeper into Interrupts

9.4.1 Interrupts on the LPC1768

9.4.2 Testing Interrupt Latency

9.4.3 Disabling Interrupts

9.4.4 Interrupts from Analog Inputs

9.4.5 Conclusion on Interrupts

9.5 An Introduction to Timers

9.5.1 The Digital Counter

9.5.2 Using the Counter as a Timer

9.5.3 Timers on the mbed

9.6 Using the mbed Timer

9.6.1 Using Multiple mbed Timers

9.6.2 Testing the Timer Duration

9.7 Using the mbed Timeout

9.7.1 A Simple Timeout Application ...

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