Chapter 11

An Introduction to Digital Signal Processing

11.1. What is a Digital Signal Processor?

11.2. Digital Filtering Example

11.3. An mbed DSP Example

11.3.1. Input and Output of Digital Data

11.3.2. Signal Reconstruction

11.3.3. Adding a Digital Low-Pass Filter

11.3.4. Adding a Push-Button Activation

11.3.5. Digital High-Pass Filter

11.4. Delay/Echo Effect

11.5. Working with Wave Audio Files

11.5.1. The Wave Information Header

11.5.2. Reading the Wave File Header with the mbed

11.5.3. Reading and Outputting Mono Wave Data

11.6. Summary on DSP

11.7. Mini-Project: Stereo Wave Player

11.7.1. Basic Stereo Wave Player

11.7.2. Stereo Wave Player with PC Interface

11.7.3. Portable Stereo Wave Player with Mobile Phone Display Interface

Chapter ...

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