Chapter 13

An Introduction to Control Systems

Chapter Outline

13.1. Control Systems

13.1.1. Closed and Open Loop Control Systems

13.1.2. Closed Loop Cruise Control Example

13.1.3. Proportional Control

13.1.4. Proportional Integral Derivative Control

13.2. Closed Loop Digital Compass Example

13.2.1. Using the HMC6352 Digital Compass

13.2.2. Implementing a 360 Degree Rotation Servo

13.2.3. Implementing a Closed Loop Control Algorithm

13.3. Communicating Control Data over the Controller Area Network

13.3.1. The Controller Area Network

13.3.2. CAN on the mbed

Chapter Review



13.1 Control Systems

We have already implemented a number of electromechanical control systems, which can be broadly defined as electronic and/or software ...

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