8.6. Color LCDs—Interfacing the uLCD-144-G2

Nowadays, LCD technology is used in advanced displays for mobile phones, PC monitors, and televisions. For color displays, each pixel is made up of three subpixels for red, green, and blue. Each subpixel can be set to 256 different shades of its color, so it is therefore possible for a single LCD pixel to display 256  256  256 = 16.8 million different colors. The pixel color is therefore usually referred to by a 24-bit value where the highest 8 bits define the red shade, the middle 8 bits define the green shade and the lower 8 bits represent the blue shade, as shown in Table 8.6.

Table 8.6

24-bit color values.

Color24-Bit Value
Purple0x800080 ...

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